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Colbey Raye is 2!!!

Guess who is drinking UNthickend liquids?! This girl!  

 Guess who stood for 10 seconds unassisted?!?! This girl 

Guess who turns 2 today?!?!?! THIS GIRL!  


Colbey Raye is 2! My baby is 2! Every time I think about it I tear up, tears of joy that my baby made it this far, and not only has she made it this far she is going to make it so much farther!! It’s hard to write as I cry my eyes out thinking back to all those moments I thought “I could loose her today,” “she could not recover from this,” or “will she go to sleep and never wake up?” Watching her tiny little body seize for 30+ minutes, 50+ times a day, seeing her oxygen levels drop below 50 over and over… Countless sedations for tests, 2 brain surgeries! And she here, happy, trying to walk, trying to talk, learning, living, loving!! She’s made it! Two whole years. Amazing. As I look at her and watch her grow I thank God everyday for blessing me with her little life. The struggles, the worries, the fear I’ve felt in moments when I’ve had to let go of my baby and just pray she makes it back to me, are outweighed a million times by the blessings this girl has brought to my life. I never knew how deep love ran until I had to let go of one thing I loved most! “Let go and let God,” was something I had to tell myself countless times, and God lovingly always placed her right back into my arms for me to continue to kiss on, squeeze tight and love stronger than I did the day before.

Today Colbey Raye is 2, she is growing like a weed, and learning new skills every day. She loves to color and play with babies, she loves balls, bubbles, books and her “Bubber.” Her favorite toy is her Little People’s princes castle and she LOVES to dance and listen to music. She finally says “mama” yay!!! 😂 and she wants to do everything her big sister does. She loves her brother but fights him (and everyone else) for mommies attention. Being outside is one of her favorite places and she always wants to “GO.” It doesn’t matter where we go, she just wants to leave the house lol. She tells me no all the time by shaking her head at me, and she HATES changing her clothes and diaper. When she is frustrated she bites or throws thing, and it is impossible to make her do anything she doesn’t want to do! She is stubborn, knows how to take a joke and can melt any heart she comes in contact with. She is her daddies Monkey, her mommies Rayzee, her sisters Coco-be, and her brothers sissy! Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!!! ❤️