3 weeks back home

Colbey Raye has been home for a little over 3 weeks now. After 3 weeks in intensive therapy what I difference we see in her behaviors at home. I cannot begin to express how happy I am that she was able to receive such great rehabilitation therapies while at Seattle Childrens! The improvements are grand and she has come so far. A little part of me (okay a big part of me!) would love for her to be able to have another 3 weeks of rehab! But for now I am very happy with how things are going and I am SO HAPPY to be home in my house  with my family again. I think Colbey Raye is very happy too 😊.

In the last three weeks Colbey Raye has been a very very busy little girl! Not a single day has gone by since we have been home that Colbey Raye has not had some type of outpatient therapy,  doctor visit or evaluation. She now goes to outpatient therapy Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Fridays! She has a cognitive development teacher come and asses her twice a month as well as a vision teacher twice a month. She had splint fittings, and a trip back to Seattle (just for medication) and there is a long slew of upcoming appointments at Childrens soon too! She has one tuff schedule to keep up with but she is a trooper! And so are her siblings. Beau, always along for the ride and a chance to flirt with everyone! And Austyn Jayne does not mind spending extra time with aunts, uncles and grandparents! She also enjoys coming to an appointment time to time when I let her 😋. Feeling so blessed and thankful that God has granted me the opportunity to be able to be home with my children, and for a supportive encouraging husband who makes it possible for me to do so. Otherwise I don’t know how I would keep up with it all. And believe me I still have trouble! The laundry piled high, toys a muck all over and nothing can ever seem to find a place. But one thing is for sure we are busy!! We have a lot of fun together, we play learn and get to enjoy the simple things in life and there is always tomorrow to fold those clothes and vaccume the floors!

Colbey Raye, what a tough little thing she is! And have I mentioned one stubborn little girl?! Rehab gave her a little more confidence in her skills and now she thinks she can refuse to participate in activities she does not care for, to say the least! She’s taken up shaking her head no, and although it is quite adorable and very funny at times I still have to make her do these things! Walking in her new gait trainer is one of those head shaking no events! Most of the time she’s okay with it, but some days she will flat out refuse! Oh, yes Colbey Raye now has a gait trainer at home to use! It’s being loaned to us by her therapists and eventually we will be able to get Colbey Raye her very own! She just needs to use it more independently first. She’s taken a few steps all by herself with it (video on Instagram & Facebook) but we need to help her become more consistent and stronger with it. Since we have been home Colbey Raye has also begun to pull herself up to her knees very consistently now! Heaven forbid I sit to hold her brother or sister and not include her! She scoots her little self right over, pulls her self up (usually to her knees but sometime even to standing) and yells “UP UP!”

Also, Colbey Raye has finally found interest in a specific toy! Other than her love of throwing balls, rolling monster trucks around at my parents and dancing to music, Colbey Raye has never been that interested in toys. Honestly she usually could care less about them! But as of a few days ago Colbey Raye has found a toy that she can sit and play with for more that 30 seconds! Her little people’s princes castle and all the little people that go with it! She will ask me to get it down for her by pointing at the castle and then pointing back at herself. She will ask for all the little people too, by handing me a little person, pointing at the bin of little pleople and saying “MORE!” I love it, I love that she actually wants to play, and that she can communicate to me what It is she wants! And she wants to play with Austyn Jayne too! Light has once again shed on my dream of them being best friends one day. 😍

Colbey Raye’s love of people and outgoing personality is still as huge as ever! She always wants to be on the go, asking to leave the house for a car ride, loves trips to the store and is excited for the daily trips to therapy. It is an amazing trait to have when you spend 4+ days a week working with other people, meeting new doctors and running form appointment to apointment. Her smile charms all and she has a way with people I’ve never seen from someone so young. Don’t let her charm fool you though, she is almost 2 and it’s beginning to show!! She has a very care free personality, and consequences don’t matter to her she’s gonna do what she wants regardless 😜. She knows we all love her so much, and can get away with a tude now and then!


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