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My bright, spunky girl is 18 months!

Yesterday marked 18 months since miss Raye was born! Wow… What an amazing journey she has been on, and what an amazing little girl she is growing into. I cannot get enough of her smiles, her sweetness, and her kisses. I want to take a moment to talk about her as a little girl, as an 18month old, as a growing, learning little girl. So, Let’s take a different approach. So often we are focused on the progress Colbey Raye is or isn’t making. Zoning in on the new tricks she is learning or the results from tests and discussions that took place during doctor visits. Colbey Raye’s life is full of these things, day in and day out we watch, look, learn and teach how to better improve on her skills and help her cope with vision loss or weaknesses, learning disabilities or speech delays etc… she otherwise wouldn’t have. Today I am going to try to let go of the medical side of her, today I’m going to try to talk about the “toddler” I have growing inside this amazing, fragile, special little body!

My baby, my tiny little girl is getting big, and she’s growing into that little attitude all babies get when they start to transition from baby to, dare I say it?!, toddlers. Austyn Jayne made the big switch to the toddler hood at about 16 months. She sassed me from the moment she could talk, her first and favorite word was “No.” Thankfully Colbey Raye does not say no yet, and hopefully she will never deem it her favorite once she does begin to say it. So far she only has said sweet words, like dada, sister, mama, on, out and her new favorite is “this?” Always in a bit of a question like voice, touching and grabbing, pointing or handing me things saying “this?” Adorable!! I love her sweet voice. Except when she is yelling at me, well then I’m not a fan and we have to try and explain to her why we don’t appreciate being screamed at. She then deems it a game and enjoys ruffling our feathers with her high pitch squeals! But it’s hard to be upset with such an adorable face, an innocent personality!
Each day I am amazed by her determination, her happy attitude and her capability to transform her “lacking areas” into amazingly talented abilities! She’s has her own little opinion, and makes it known to us! She has dislikes, and likes, she knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it! I have to laugh at her some times, she is just so funny! She loves to tease and doesn’t mind being teased! Hates her diaper changed with a capital H! And will scream and scream until you are finished, then returns to her happy, smily, go lucky self 😋. She wants your attention, she’s always been an attention getter with her happy smiles and greetings. But now she gets jealous when someone other than her is getting the attention and she will scoot herself right on over and try to wedge her way right in between you and the “competition.” I find it adorable and hilarious!

Some of Colbey Raye’s favorite things to do: swing, she loves to swing at therapy and every day she points out the window to her baby swing in the yard and says “ehh?” Her way of asking to go use it! She loves to look at herself in the mirror or on the camera on my phone! She will giggle, smile and kiss herself, act bashful with herself and wave, it’s beyond adorable! She loves her baba, she will ask for milk all day long and she gets excited and will giggle when she sees it! If I tell her no to milk right now she will act all sweet, shy and sign milk again hoping to change my answer! She wants to read books, and will hand me one right after the other, but her attention span only lasts for the first page of each book 😋. She wants to play with big sister all the time, and will chase her around the room until she catches her, if she ever catches her! Colbey Raye loves to tease, and share. But sometimes her sharing turn into teasing and she just thinks she is hilarious! I think she is pretty funny too 😊. Colbey Raye loves to put toys onto and in buckets, and she loves to take them right back out. Until she’s tired of that game, then she resorts to throwing ever toy in sight! Her way of saying I’m done with this activity. She loves to dance, say “dada” and “this”, loves to kiss and snuggle, and she just is a lover of life! Nothing gets her down, she is happy by nature and strong by design. She won’t let anything hold her back and she will move mountains! As she continues to grow and learn she continues to amaze us all. As she transforms from our little tiny baby to our tall determined toddler we watch in aww as she defies odds and amazes all.

At 18 months this amazing child has experienced uncountable seizures, taken more medication than imaginable, under gone 2 very invasive brain surgeries, she has lost her vision on the right side, has sever right sides weakness, frequent headaches, and countless other things, yet she doesn’t let any of this stand in her way. She butt scoots all around the house! She tries extremely hard to communicate verbally and nonverbally, and she’s happy! She smiles day in and day out, and I could not be more proud of the little girl she is today! I cannot wait to watch what she accomplishes! We love you Colbey Raye, so so much!