Wellness checks

Yesterday we had both the girls wellness check ups with their pediatrician. Austyn Jaynes 3 year, and Colbey Raye’s 16 month (with all the seizures and Seattle visits back around Colbey Raye’s 12 month mark we missed her wellness check so we made up for it now!). The appointments were supposed to be at 10:20 and 10:40, but the office was running a little behind so our visit did not begin until closer to 10:40. Back to back wellness checks, easy breezy right? 2 hours later we headed home!! I guess there was a lot more to discus than just the “typical” growth of your average child. Let us start with the easy one!

Austyn Jayne turned 3 in July, her wellness check was a hoot!! First off she is in the 94% for weight and 68% in height. She weighs 38lb and measures 38in, both the doctor and nurse commented asking her if she was a square and both times Austyn Jayne stood straight up, arms out wide and replied with a big satisfied “YUP!” Next we check her eyes, I could hardly stop laughing, she kept trying to peek in order to see with both eyes, and was purposefully saying every shape was a triangle because we told her there were no triangles on the board! Finally she mellowed out and has good average vision for her age. Next was the hearing screen. And I laughed out loud again! She held the muff to her ear and was asked to say “beep” whenever she heard a noise. Austyn Jayne decided a huge smile and nod at each noise was more effective. Again we coaxed her into cooperating and she began to say beep, still with a giddy smile on her face! All in all she is healthy, happy and 3! Dr Huang has deemed her sassy, chatty, curious, and to smart for her own good with excellent speech for a three year old. Well, when all you do is talk your speech should be darn good in my opinion 😋. “3 going on 30” Austyn Jayne has a clean bill of health!

Next up, miss Colbey Raye. Colbey Raye weighs in at 21lb 8oz (48%) and is 31.5 inches tall (68%). As the nurse measured her head (measuring only in the 26%) she says “boy you have lots of brain in there!” I couldn’t help but laugh and say “well, sorta, not as much as you think! She is a smart one though!” And the nurse was a little confused. She’s not our usual nurse, and was filling in so she didn’t know Colbey Rayes history. As for the rest of the visit with her doctor, it wasn’t as laughable. I always have a lot to say about Colbey Raye, after all this blog is pretty much all about her! But after yesterday’s visit I’m feeling a little lost in my thoughts. As the doctor and I talked about physical, cognitive and communication abilities I stressed my frustration with the lack of communication and lack of understanding that Colbey Raye seems to have. Doctor Huang looked at Colbey Raye, looked at me, and asked “Brittney, what are your expectations?” What are my expectations? Ummm… Is what I said. I laughed a little in order not to cry. What are my expectations? Was this directed in a way as to say, give her time you are expecting to much? Or to say push her harder? Or to just simple ask what my expectations are so that she could give me resources to reach them. I wasn’t sure what to say. So I said, well they are high! What mother wouldn’t want to have high expectations for their sweet little baby? I push her hard and work harder with her to achieve those expectations, but truly I do not expect as much as I am pushing for. After saying this I could tell that Colbey’s doctor wanted me to see that my expectations are high, and that I’m doing all I can to help get Colbey where she needs to go. But also reminded me that she is behind and has good reason to be. So we talked more, brain stormed a little and both feel that Colbey Raye would benefit highly with more intense therapies. She is going to get in contact with Colbey Raye’s therapists, and then is going to contact our insurance to see if she can make and headway in getting Colbey Raye more visits. I love our pediatrician. She’s understanding, helpful and she pushes extra hard to help Colbey Raye, keeping tabs and searching for resources. As for Colbey Raye’s bill of health, she is healthy, happy, growing and learning. She’s assessed at a 10 month olds level and her smile and new fake bashful look could brighten any gloomy day!

I still keep going back to the question, “what are your expectations?” And I still feel a little lost. What do I expect from myself? What do I expect from Colbey Raye? What do I expect from Austyn Jayne or Josh? I expect us all to love Colbey Raye, and treat her equally! I expect us to teach her, lead her, carry her and push her! I expect us to let her get frustrated, and cry when things are hard, and I expect us to cry along with her some of the time! I expect us to help her, but not to enable her, to push her to get what she wants, and not just to always hand it to her. And I expect Colbey Raye to be the little girl she was born to be! The happy, inspirational, stubborn, determined little girl she has always been a always will be! I expect her to be the loving, crooked smile giving, social butterfly she has been from day one! And I expect her to grow, walk, talk, read, write, etc… All accompanied but stumbles, falls, setbacks and learning how to get back up again! Time is our friend, and with a lot of work, effort, patience and love she will exceed all expectations!




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