Colbey Raye’s progress

Girls are in bed, Josh is at the M’s game and Phoebe and I are snuggled up on the couch. Our “mellow week has come to an end and the weekend brings on the hustle and bustle and starts the next week off with a bang! Next week is our first week that Colbey Raye will be doing her therapy routine where she sees each therapist! With schedules changes, other appointments and our therapists being out, we are finally starting the new normal routine! Mondays OT, Tuesdays PT and Speech/feeding and Thursdays OT again. Colbey Raye is doing so great for her OT and cooperating well for almost the entire 45 minute sessions! And her OT is very impressed with her visual awareness of her right side. We agree though that Colbey Raye is experiencing less sensation and feeling in her right arm, causing her to continue to rarely move it. She has begun to “mirror” her left arm so to say, and if she’s gripping tightly to something with her left, she is making a tight fist with her right. And if she’s on her back she will bring her right hand up close to her mouth when she’s bringing her left to her mouth. All good, but there is still a lot of practicing to be done! We have not seen PT much, but we are finally set on up with a weekly time slot so I’m looking forward to seeing how this helps improve Colbey Raye’s abilities. Speech and feeing is going amazingly to say the least! Colbey Raye eats like I champ, she’s not afraid to get dirty with food 😋, and this is a good thing as her therapist says she does not seem to have any sensory issues! Many kids with hemis can tend to have sensory issues. As for the speech did e of things Colbey Raye still isn’t saying many words but I’m amazed by her understanding and her mimicking abilities!! We have been working with her animal sounds and she can repeat what a pig, cow, duck and owl says! The pig sound she makes is my favorite 😊. She’s understanding more and more the emotions of other, and today while Austyn Jayne was crying, Colbey Raye made a face of sympathy. This is the first time she’s connected crying to something sad instead of just giggling and thinking Austyn Jayne is trying to talk to her. And when she bites me (oh gosh she’s a biter!) and I scold her she pats my back and kisses me. So sweet! But then she bites me again a little while later and the cycle repeats! She has also started throwing her food on the floor as some sort of game, but today when I would not give her crackers back a second time she became very upset and I think she learned a little because she did not throw any of her dinner on the floor, purposefully that is! We will see how breakfast goes tomorrow 😊. Getting Miss Raye to take her medicine is still being a challenge. I’ve started mixing it more with yogurt and letting her sip
It from a big girl cup. This worked really well until she got ahold of the cup and dumped her medicine/yogurt cocktail all over her high chair tray. I swear she has elasti-girl powers in the left arm! How she reached ahold of her cup I have no idea, but she did and it was a mess. I saved as much as I could, but I was feeling nervous as I do not know how much of her medication she actually got this morning 😕. She took it all really well tonight so hopefully everything will be okay.
Back to our busy week, with therapy in full swing Colbey and I will be running around a lot, but the time spent is well worth the progress Colbey Raye is making. I cannot believe June is pretty much over and Colbey Raye is already 5 weeks post op! We are looking forward to the Stars and Stripes pub run being put on to help Colbey Raye on July 3rd! It will be a lot of fun, a three mile run/walk and raffles and more at the finish! Just a reminder this is a 21+ event. Colbey Raye will be there at the start of the event to see everyone off sporting her cute red white and blue! But because the end location does not allow children into the building she will be leaving after the run begins. Also I wanted to make a shout out to who is hosting a fundraiser for Colbey Raye as well! She has created this beautiful bracelet in honor of Colbey Raye and the proceeds go towards helping is help Colbey Raye receive all the medical treatment she requires. Also you can find her on Facebook at and this is the bracelet –

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers! We are truly blessed, and Colbey Raye would give kisses to all if she could 😘.



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