Born to be strong

I have to start off by saying, in a very excited voice, our rehab follow up went so much better than I expected!!! I was thinking they were going to want Colbey Raye to return for impatient rehab, but instead the doctors thought that Colbey Raye has improved immensely on her verbal/communication skills and strength that they feel she is better to stay at home in her comfortable environment! I can’t explain how happy this makes me and our family. I was just feeling sick over the thought of having to leave Austyn Jayne again, she is just finally back to her “normal” spitfire self and her emotional ups and downs are so much better than they were a week ago. I did not want to burden her with the anxiety of us being away again. She does love staying with her grandparents, don’t get me wrong, but moving in with them for a few weeks, and going days without mommy and daddy would be rough on any little almost 3 year old. So for her sake I’m praising God we get to stay home! Also I am so glad the doctors feel that Colbey Raye is doing well. They were so impressed with her confidence and strength with sitting up, and were surprised to see her moving her arm now and then. Still no finger or wrist movement but she is lifting using her bicep muscles and is moving her shoulder now and again. The only down side to this is that we need to start doing more out patient therapy at home. We have only been doing PT, OT and speech each once a week and the doctors really want her doing PT and OT at least twice a week each. So we will be adjusting our schedules again to make this happen for our sweet girl. Whatever helps her and keeps her home and improving!! Our biggest concern is still the limit of therapy visits we are “allotted” by our insurance. A huge thank you to all who have helped us in our goals to fund these needed extras for Colbey Raye. We’ve been blessed so much and everything helps so much in getting us closer to being able to continue to provide Colbey Raye with the needed help she is going to be receiving for quite some time.
Since surgery miss Raye has learned how to sign “more” (with one hand 😋) say “hi,” give kisses on demand, give high fives, wave hello and goodbye, sign “all done” and she is trying to copy words like “love you” and “tickle tickle” along with mimicking sounds and faces we make at/to her. Colbey Raye has been such a fighter though all of this. She has her eye on the prize and she is so determined to independently take hold of that prize. She is still getting frustrated that her mobility is not what it used to be, but is learning to cope with it. She tries and tries to get her self moving around, but will sit and play if Austyn Jayne sits with her 😊, she loves her big sister so much! Austyn Jayne is so happy Colbey Raye is sitting to play again too! Colbey’s right leg strength is improving a lot, she will stand (with me helping support her) and bear weight on both legs for a little while before buckling her right knee to try and sit again. She is as happy and smiley as always! She’s one lover of life and no matter the challenges thrown her way she smiles through them and pushes on with a “come get me” attitude! Her strength is encouraging and so amazing. She was born strong, she was created so perfectly! Keep pushing baby girl, “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” Philippians 4:13



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