Eventful day

Today has been a day of ups and downs! It started off good, Colbey Raye slept well through the night last night, and woke up in a good and HUNGRY mood. She finally are something substantial, and had a whole bowl of oatmeal and part of a muffin. She took her medicine well this morning and now that we have her on a very regular pain medication routine she’s been even happier and more content than before.
OT and PT visited miss Raye today and now she has a hand splint to help keep her arm and hand in an natural position so the she does not over stretch the muscles while she is not using her hand. We have more stretches and exercises to do to stimulate both arm and leg, neither one is moving much yet. We had a handful of visitors today and Colbey Raye has been really enjoying seeing the familiar faces! She’s been a bit grumpy towards her nurses, but when Nana Sue came in Colbey Raye was all eyes and smiles! Other family came too and Colbey Raye played some pikaboo and enjoyed watching all the action. She chose to skip napping while we had company and in result to a long hard snoring open mouth nap afterwards 😄.
She ate her meatballs and rice for lunch well and wanted to feed herself puffs. We have been working with Colbey Raye to look past midline and she has begun to do so today! She will turn her eyes towards the right and then being them back to the left quickly, it’s a step in the right direction! She has also started to turn her head in the direction she is wanting to see! This is a huge improvement from yesterday.
Dinner came, Colbey Raye scarfed her ravioli and proceeded to take another nap. Meds came, she took those but fought it, and then the events of the night began. Miss Raye decided dinner did not settle well and she threw up EVERYTHING all over. She was covered in vomit and so was her bed, despite our efforts to contain the mess, it was everywhere. Exhausted from this event Colbey Raye cried and snuggled, I think she threw up on purpose so that I would get to hold her for a few minutes while her sheets were changes 😋. Next as Josh and I prepared for bed, I thought Colbey Raye was headed to dream land when she started to cry out in a painful way, I looked over and she had her drain tube in hand and was repeatedly yanking on it and crying out in discomfort. Now bloody and oozing her doctors decided to lower her drain back down to it’s original spot. This could potentially cause the drain to stay in another day longer, but hopefully she can still get rid of it tomorrow, fingers crossed there. Now she has to wear a glove on her left hand for the night to ensure that there will be no more tugging on things that should not be yanked on.
I think tonight will be another night of good rest for Colbey Raye, and hopefully that means a good nights rest for mommy and daddy too! We are all tired and ready for bed! In fact miss Raye is already fast asleep. Off to bed we go. Praying tomorrow is another day filled with even more improvements, and less/no setback events.


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