A very content day ❤️

Today has been a wonderful day for Colbey Raye. As wonderful of a day as anyone could have after undergoing one of the most invasive surgery there is, just over 24 hours ago. She is really doing great and everyone, doctors, nurses, Josh and I are all thrilled with how she has acted so far today.
Once we got her pain to a tolerable level her night went very smoothly, she woke up every so often and would just casually look at us, then doze back off to sleep. She took all of her anti seizure medication orally and without any problems, and is now taking all pain medication orally as well! This morning she drank some juice and ate a small amount of yogurt, happy she is getting something in her belly. Her fever is gone and she seems to be tolerating the pain well, and was only given Tylenol during the night and this morning. I was under the impression that she would be receiving morphine regularly though the night, but I was wrong, and she had not had any morphine since yesterday at 6pm! I was a little unhappy that she was not being given more pain medication, but that’s now resolved.
Colbey Raye has been doing so well we were able to be moved out of the PICU around 12:30 and are all settled into our new cozy room in the surgical unit! Colbey Raye had spent most of the afternoon awake and content just enjoying watching and listening to me, josh and her auntie Mckinsey talking around her. She started acting a bit uncomfortable, very shaky and fidgety a little later on and was having a difficult time napping so I had the nurse give her some oxycodone and now she’s resting well again! She is still not moving her fingers, leg, and is barely moving her toes if we tickle her feet, but time and stimulation will help. Dr. Ojemann said not to expect much movement out of the leg, arm or hand for a few weeks BUT She’s been moving her right arm, just a tiny bit when she is in pain, but non the less it is still movement and Dr. Ojemann is happily surprised that she has already moved her arm a little.
The Cerebrospinal fluid is clearing up nicely, and the amount of blood that is mixed in is already less than expected. Finger crossed that this means she will be able to have the tube removed sooner than later so we can hold her again! For the time being she is on strict bed rest until the tube is removed, according to today’s nurse, but I’m determined to hold her so I will be asking again after shift change to snuggle my sweet miss Colbey Raye! OT has already come in to evaluate Colbey Raye and already wants us working on stimulating her right leg and arm by touching and rubbing them, and has suggested we spend more time taking to her on her right side in hopes that she will begin to try and look that direction. For now she will only keep her head turned to the left, Dr. Ojemann said this is common as she can not see what is on her left, he called it right sided neglect, the lack of feeling, movement and vision on the right side can cause people to forget about and neglect what is on that side.
The swelling is starting to increase and I feel that by tomorrow the bruising and swollen eye will be more apparent, but so far Colbey Raye is looking much better, and is much more content than after her last surgery! She is consolable, only requesting close hugs and snuggles every once in a while and is so sweet and content with her blanket, wubbanub and substitute kitty. Praying this attitude continues through the night and the rest of our stay. She’s up for visitors now that we are out of the PICU and has been happy to see new and familiar faces already today! Josh and I both are still running on very few hours of sleep but we now have a bed, and if Colbey Raye stays content I see us both being able to snag a few more hours of sleep tonight. As for now coffee for me and monsters for Josh as we pass the time working on a 1000pc jigsaw puzzle with auntie Mouse!




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