Colbey Raye is learning new tricks!

It’s funny how exciting one little milestone can be when you fear they will never come. Our goal was to get Colbey Raye to pull herself to standing before surgery and yesterday she did it!! She pulled her self all the way up to stand at the futon, I clapped and screamed with joy and she laughed and in an attempt to clapped with me she fell to the floor. I have tried bribing her to stand since but with no such luck, oh well once is good enough for me right now!
Colbey Raye’s mind of her own evolves daily! It is like she turned one and now has this little attitude, spunk, spice and determination we have never seen before! She tries to be sneaky (she’s not good at it) and she ignores everything I tell her!! And I say ignore because she knows exactly what I’m saying and if it is me telling her not to eat something she turns her head so I “can’t see her” and continues to slowly resume eating it. She tries to look at me with those big blue innocent eyes and clap, but she knows I’m about to walk over and scoop whatever it may be out of her mouth!
We are also battling biting. This started about a week or so ago and now it’s become a bigger problem! One I’m not sure how to break. Luckily it’s only josh and I she bites, and me more than josh, but I’m still worried sister or one of the daycare kids is next!! She knows it’s naught and has started to bite softer, she’s a smart little stinker this one!! She usually bites when she’s nursing, she softly bites down and then comes off to look at me, if I don’t say anything she goes back and bites just a little harder. She will do this until I reprimand her or just tell her she’s finished nursing for now! She just smiles, claps and continues about her business. She’s is such a happy go lucky little girl, I love that about her so much!!
Another new habit Colbey Raye has picked up is the “I need mom and only mom all the time!” If she is playing on the floor contently and I walk by she instantly turns on the waterworks and needs me to hold her that second! She does not ever want me to set her down, unless we are outside, and she has started throwing fits where she yells and screams at me until I give her what she wants. It is so funny to me to see this side of her! She’s always been so mellow yellow and so content with everything! She’s started to want more independence, and she does not want to get dressed, have her diaper changed or play by herself and she lets you know!! Her social skills are amazing and she always wants to be in the mix of what is going on. Her smiles are contagious and she has to clap at every one she sees when we are out and about, she is still always as happy as can be! Unless you aren’t giving her what she wants the second she wants it šŸ˜‹. Her big sister is her favorite person and she loves nothing more than playing with her and snuggling in bed together. She thinks dandelions and pea gravel are the best snacks ever! She is a bit of a tease and likes to steal binkys and blankets for the other kids. But all in all she is just wanting to play and have fun with them! She is full of love and snuggles and kisses, beware they are slobbery kisses though šŸ˜˜.
Surgery is closing in and these fun happy spunky moments will be put on hold. We are soaking them up and enjoying every second! Even the stubborn fits šŸ˜Š. The weekend was a hard one for Colbey Raye, multiple seasides requiring extra medication, lots of sleepiness and a bit of a grumpy attitude. But it has passed thankfully and the last few days have been seizure free and little miss has regained her energy.



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