A birthday letter

I wanted to write a special little birthday post for Colbey Raye, but I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to go about it. I thought about throwing out facts, and mentioning how much time has been spent in the hospital this last year or how many tests have been run, procedures have been done, but we all know it’s more than any baby should go through, am I right? I decided to write a little letter addressed to Colbey Raye, about what I’ve learned through her, how amazing she is and what a blessing she has been to this world. It’s a few days late but better than never!

To my sweetest little Colbey Raye,
Today is your birthday and you are One year old! I can still remember the very first moment I held you, it was the happiest, most rewarding day of my life. I was determined to deliver you and I’ve never felt more rewarded by hard work and determination than that first moment you were set in my arms, I was the champion and you were my trophy. My perfect, dark haired, snuggling, hungry trophy and I wanted to share you with the world! Little did I know that soon I would be sharing you with this world, but in a way I never imagined.
I want you to know how much you have helped me grow, how much you have helped our family grow and how much you have changed our life for the better. You have opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways. You have taught me what true selflessness is, what true strength is and that everyone deserves a smile, no matter how hard our days might be. Even on the hardest days, and in the moments I couldn’t see to the end of the tunnel you gave me a reason to be thankful, to be happy, and the faith to keep pushing onward until the light finally broke through.
In one year you, my strong girl, have managed to touch the lives of many, from family, friends to some we have never even met. You have been blessed by an abundance of prayers, and built up a stronger foundation to my grounds of faith. What a true blessing you are, and what a perfect little present from God. Ive never met a happier baby, you are a fighter, and take each challenge you face head on, nothing brings you down. You take every opportunity you get to give a smile, what a true gift that smile is to my life. In that short first 6 weeks of your life, before the seizures, before all the hospital trips, and medical facts, I thought you were perfect. You were healthy, happy, a typically challenging new born who spit up and demanded love and attention. And now almost a year later you are still the same perfect little girl, just bigger, and happier than before! With a few hurdles to just over and life lessons to learn and to teach. Every child is born to do great thing, and you have already achieved greatness!
Happy birthday sweet girl, you have given us a year full of amazing memories that will never be forgotten! I love you,
Your Mommy



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