4 days of seizures…

Today is day four now that Colbey Raye has been having seizures again. Prior to this she had gone a little over 2 weeks. On Monday they started out week, shorter and did not seem to affect her as much as her “typical” seizers do. Tuesday morning 2 seizures came to start the day making physical Therapy a bit of a challenge, Colbey Raye was very tired after about 20 minutes and resorted to a serious melt down :(. A few more came through the rest of the day, and a few on Wednesday and already 2 so far this morning. They are starting to affect her more and more, and are slowly getting harder, stronger, and a few have lasted a bit longer than her usual. She’s much more tired and is a little off balance today. She is still smiles and still playing, but easily tired, frustrated and has been requiring a lot of snuggles and mommy time. She is restless and even though she is sleeping more often she is not sleeping well. First step is getting some blood work done to check her medication levels, if she’s outgrowing her doses then it’s an “easy” fix and the poor girl will get some medication dose adjustments and hopefully return to her days without seizures. If the medication doses aren’t the issue then the circle of events could begin and a 4 medication will be in the discussion. Finger crossed it’s more simple than that but it’s usually not. Colbey Raye does have a thing with her timing! We are supposed to be leaving for a fun little family trip tomorrow, praying we get to keep our plans and that Colbey Raye will be up for the adventure! I see a lot of baby wearing while we walk around this weekend :). Thank you for all the continued prayers, our sweet girl is blessed by so many!


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