11 months old

Today marks 11 months since our sweet Colbey Raye came into this world. In those 11 months she has managed to reach more people and touch more lives than I ever could have imagined! No smile can bring more joy than hers, and it’s an almost permanent expression on her face. She can be grumpy yes, and she is starting to find a mind of her own! She knows how to get what she wants too :). If she wants to nurse all she has to do is reach for me and whine! She has also started to become frustrated when we try to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do! She will stiffen up, grunt and refuse to cooperate! And then she will try to do whatever it is all on her own. Independence and stubbornness coming through I think! Must be something she has picked up from her very independent stubborn sister 😉. Austyn Jayne has started to include Colbey Raye in her playtime activities, and yesterday even had Colbey Raye in a choke hold trying to get Colbey to nurse from Austyn Jayne’s belly! It was a humorous sight to see for sure.

Colbey Raye is doing very well! She has been sick over the past week with a terrible cold and ear infection, but her seizures have seemed to stay away! We are so thankful for that. She has been experiencing a few staring spells we are concerned about, but since she has been feeling better the staring spells have lessened. Her OT and PT have been a little lacking due to Colbey Raye’s uncooperative attitude during this cold, fingers crossed she will be ready to play/work extra hard on Friday :). She loves to play copy cat, and has started to copy us more, instead of us always having to copy her. She fake laughs and it is the funniest thing to see!
Tomorrow we head to Seattle for a hearing screening, if all goes well there then we will be looking more into why her “baby talking” is delayed. She is continuing to grow, she is still figuring out this thing we call crawling! She is not quite strong enough to make it very far but she manages to scoot herself around the room.
This past week Colbey Raye and her best pall Phoebe participated in a cuddle contest and won for their category! They have the best snuggle time and it keeps getting cuter!

We are feeling blessed by this time in Colbey Raye’s life, she’s beginning to expire Colbey Raye things she hasn’t been able to due to the seizures, and she is catching herself up and learning more and more every day. She’s such a joy to have, and I love every single snuggle, kiss, smile, giggle she gives me! I love you sweet baby Raye! God is holding you so tight!



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