Sister, there is nothing better!


Austyn Jayne has been very into having Colbey Raye around lately! She is always asking where Colbey Raye is, if she can kiss Colbey, she gets excited when Colbey Raye is on the floor playing with her, it just makes me so happy to see how much Austyn Jayne loves her little sister! And the love is returned by Colbey Raye full force! Colbey Raye smiles whenever Austyn Jayne walks in the room, and Colbey Raye tries so hard to get Austyn Jaynes attention. Colbey Raye still does not baby talk much but she can grunt, scream, blow raspberries, and smack her lips. Her favorite game to play is copy cat, but Colbey Raye is the leader and she wants whom ever is playing with her to imitate whatever sound she makes! She loves it so much she will giggle between sounds. It is definitely a sight to see! Or more so hear :).
When Colbey Raye entered the world I was so happy she was a girl! We did not find out the gender and I’d thought for sure she was a he, but I couldn’t have been more happy to be wrong! My sweet big girl was getting a sister, a life long best friend, someone to gossip with, fight with, play house with, someone to share all the special moments only sister get to share! I remember like it was yesterday sitting in the hospital with Colbey Raye after her very first ER visit. We had been admitted to a room and Colbey Raye was hooked up to monitors, I hadn’t slept in over 32 hours by this point, but I still hadn’t broke down until this thought crossed my mind “how is this going to change the sister bond between my girls that I had been dreaming about for the past 6 week?” I lost it, I was finally crying, worried and scared, no answers and I couldn’t help but think about how drastically this would change Austyn Jaynes life as well as mine and Josh’s. Now looking back I can see that those fears were unnecessary, and how much the opposite is true. Yes this whole experience has dramatically changed our lives, Austyn Jaynes included, but she will never know the difference. Austyn Jayne will always remember Colbey Raye with a C shaped scar on the left side of her head, she will always know what to look for and how to react if Colbey Raye has a seizure, she will always understand why Colbey Raye has to visit doctors and why she takes medication. It’s going to be Austyn Jayne’s “normal” and Austyn Jayne already treats Colbey Raye like any sister would treat her younger sibling. Austyn Jayne will take toys for Colbey Raye, but she will share with her too. She tries to teach her new tricks, and gets down on the floor with Colbey Raye to help show her how to crawl. (*Side note – Colbey Raye is crawling! This is a huge mile stone and we are so excited she is slowly learning to master this skill). Austyn Jayne also is is trying to teach Colbey Raye how to sign “more” and “all done” it is very cute to watch Austyn Jayne show Colbey Raye how to sign :). If Colbey Raye does anything worthy of praise Austyn Jayne is the first to say “good job Co Raye!” Nothing makes me happier than to see Austyn Jayne love on her baby sister. I love having sisters! And Austyn Jayne does too :).





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