Colbey Raye’s best friend Phoebe ❤️

A lot of family and friends who keep up on Colbey’s blog also follow my Facebook page and have seen the sweetens of Colbey and Phoebe so I just wanted to share a little about how this loving bond came about! Animals can be therapeutic I’ve heard, and this kitten sure has been a blessing for Colbey Raye! With Colbey Raye’s surgery creeping closer and closer I wanted so badly for her to have something to love on and snuggle with. I decided she needed a kitten for Christmas. So I began looking for kittens and I was hoping to find one young and one that had been “man handled” a little by some young kids to help insure that it would be friendly! I’d found a few that were super cute but none fit the sweet snuggly bill until I came across this 13 week old Maine coon. I looked into Maine coons and heard they were very people oriented, friendly and loving everything we wanted so I spent the next 2.5 hours in the car driving to pick up this scared little thing and back home again. Christmas came a little early for Colbey but with surgery only 5 days after Christmas I thought they needed as much bonding time as possible! Once home the kitten spent the next 2 hours hiding under the couch. A little saddened, we went about our day as a typical Saturday and finally kitty emerged and began snooping around. I set her in the playpen with Colbey Raye to see how she would act. Nothing but love came from this kitten! It was instantly sweet and loving towards Colbey Raye. I was so happy! They played and then snuggled!


We named her Phoebe and she swooped in and snuggle right into our hearts, and into our beds! She slept in bed with Colbey Raye every night, wether Colbey was in her crib or my bed Phoebe was right next to her. The guard kitty I called her and she was by Colbey Raye’s side whenever Colbey Raye needed a snuggle.
We knew there would be no issues with Colbey Raye wanting Phoebe back after surgery but I was nervous that Phoebe wouldn’t want Colbey Raye back. Boy were my worries in vain! Just 2 days after arriving home from our stay at the hospital Phoebe snuck her way right back into Colbey Raye’s bed!

And so it began again! Every nap, and all night long Phoebe slept next to her little healing person.
Once again I was nervous that this sleeping habit would fade when we moved Colbey Raye into her own room, and wrong again. Phoebe found Colbey Raye’s room the very first night and hasn’t missed a night sleeping in her crib since! Colbey Raye always falls asleep first but when Phoebe is ready to settle down she hops in bed and snuggles up for the night.
Now that Phoebe is almost 6 months old she’s began to be a bit crazy at times.. She’s a typical kitten who does topical things such as; attach your feet when walking by, climb curtains, scratch up furniture, lick the butter (YUCK!) but she’s Colbey Raye’s best friend and she is nicest to Colbey Raye. Phoebe will attach Austyn Jayne and Josh but never Colbey Raye! She will give Colbey Raye a soft nip here and there to remind her not to pull our her whiskers or fur, but she’s other wise sweet and nice! To Colbey Raye that is :). This is one special kitten, for one special baby girl!! Even though she can drive us all a bit crazy at times she’s the perfect little snuggle buddy I’d hoped Colbey Raye would have! Best Christmas present ever!



One thought on “Colbey Raye’s best friend Phoebe ❤️

  1. Aspin Photography

    Brittney, I’m love seeing all the photos you post of the two of them! This is the sweetest relationship. So glad you found her!


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