Two weeks post op

Colbey Raye had her lobectomy 2 weeks ago today. She is healing amazingly well and the swelling is pretty much gone! I took Colbey Raye for her her first follow up appointment today and they are really please with how well the wound has healed and with how close to base line Colbey Raye is already. She is still a little wobbly when sitting up but she has started to catch herself before falling over again. She’s rolling over and trying to scoot on her belly around the floor here and there. We have seen some improvement in her right arm coordination already. She’s back to being happy, full of smiles, joy and snuggles! It was hard seeing the grumpy side of her when we have really only seen her joyful and content side. We have truly been blessed with one joyful little girl! On the down side of things Colbey Raye is still seizing daily, she’s had 5 seizures today as well as 5 yesterday. Dr. Ojemann wants to get another MRI done ASAP to try and see what is going on. Both Colbey Rayes neurology team and neurosurgery team are working closely to try and come up with a plan. We are still not sure what this plan will look like, and there is still time involved before we can piece this next plan together. Lots of talk about a fourth medication to hold her over until another option is ready. Also her platelet count is still really high and has not gone down at all since Friday. The hematologist is a little more concerned but still think she is okay to be at home and we will get more labs drawn in a few days. If the count still has not gone down then Colbey Raye may have to be admitted to do further testing. Finger crossed that won’t happen! Even with all these bumps and hills and mountains to climb we are greatly enjoying the love this little mess gives! Her smiles are contagious!



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