One day at a time

Since our arrival home on Saturday afternoon Colbey Raye has been having a very rough time. She has had a fever off and on since Sunday night, has thrown up a few more times, has been very lethargic and sleepy during the day, has had a very upset tummy and has not been able to poop since Sunday night. Things that usually calm her have been aggravating her, and she has been up crying most of the nights because she’s uncomfortable or hurting. But she might be over the hump and taking a turn for the best?! Today has been such an improvement it is amazing! She has been smiling, she’s been blowing raspberries and even giggling a little bit. She’s finally nursing really well and she had apple sauce for lunch and carrots for dinner! She’s back to taking her medications well too. She still whines and cries when we pick her up, and when she coughs, but is slowly begging to be more comfortable each day. I can see the happy girl coming out again and I cannot express how excited I am about that!
Through all of this Austyn Jayne has done so great and been so understanding, but after this post operation hospital stay Austyn Jayne has had a harder time adjusting. She’s been very clingy, needy and fighting for josh and my attention. She wants to be held all the time and has been extra emotional. But even still she is so sweet and helpful with Colbey Raye! She gets very upset when Colbey Raye cries and just wants to help her feel better. She gives her binkies, blankets, toys, whatever she can find that she thinks will help Colbey Raye feel better. Tonight Colbey Raye projectile vomited and Austyn Jayne instantly began to cry. At first we though it was because Colbey Raye got a little on Austyn Jaynes pants, but after we got things all cleaned up I talked to Austyn Jayne about why she cried and she said “Colbey Raye threw up all over, it so sad mommy, but she will be better now?” And she constantly asks if Colbey Raye is okay, and tells me that she has an owie on her head to make her all better and not go to the doctor all the time any more. She’s very concerned about her sisters comfort and loves her so much. I’m amazed by her strength and compassion and true love for this little sister of hers. It’s a tough job being a two year old big sister! Especially a two year old who has had to go without being home with her mommy, daddy and baby sister weeks at a time. I’m so proud of our big little lady!
It is so hard watching you sweet innocent baby go through so much in such a short period time. Though all of the past hospitalizations, through all the seizures, and pain she has always managed to put on a smile, a little reminder to me that everything is going to be okay no matter the outcome, but after this surgery those smiles were gone and I started to feel lost without them. Colbey Raye has been a true angel baby, always happy, smiling, fun, snuggly, loving, never fussy or upset, hardly ever (truly very rarely) did she ever cry, but after surgery the opposite was true. She cried and I couldn’t console her. She whimpered when id pick her up, and flinched when I tried to touch her. Heart breaking moments. These past few weeks have been so exhausting, little to no sleep, and after these few days home I couldn’t help but worry that the constant smiles we used to get from our little Coco-be were something of the past, but today has reassured me that, just like most things, it just takes a little time and patients and things will begin to heal, grow and Colbey Raye will slowly begging to smile at the beauty and joys of life again. She’s been through more in 8 months than any person should go through in a lifetime and still 9 days after brain surgery she can calm an aching heart and easy a worried mind. She’s a true blessing and a true inspiration. Her happy attitude today has helped lift my spirits so much! We just need to take it one day at a time, and slow down to enjoy all the little priceless moments that happen in the midst of all the pain, exhaustion and chaos.



3 thoughts on “One day at a time

  1. edslisa

    She looks beautiful. You must be so exhausted. It sounds like a rough road might getting slightly less rough though! We are still praying daily for you and hoping everyday gets a easier and better. Thank you for the updates, we’ve been wondering.
    All the Curralls~

  2. kenlininger

    She is so beautiful!

    Hang in there, her personality will come back. The first couple of months are mostly about survival. You are doing great.

    Doesn’t this make you want love that little 2 year old even more! How precious is she.

  3. Tami

    Your mom has been keeping us posted. What a difficult journey your little family has had to travel. Hang in there, you will remain in our prayers.


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