Today has been another day full of ups and downs, I feel this could be a new trend for the next week or so. Colbey Raye was discharged today and we were very excited to be bringing her home, but it has been a harder transition than usual. She was very uncomfortable in the car, usually she loves car rides and sleeps well but today was far from normal. The poor girl just could not get comfortable despite all our efforts in adjusting her position, there isn’t much wiggle room in a car seat, and her head just couldn’t rest they way she wanted. Finally we made it home around 3:45 to a spotless clean house! Thank you Gama and Papa! And a cleaned yard, think you uncle JJ and Carcar :). Colbey Raye was not as excited as I was about the cleanliness of the house and had a really hard time this afternoon. She was very fussy and I could tell she was uncomfortable, something was bugging her. She napped but woke up just as upset, I can’t even imagine this discomfort she feels 😔. After her evening meds Colbey Raye projectile vomited all over me, herself, the couch and Josh, twice! Quickly we were on the phone with the neurosurgery on call doctor, We decided to give her a bath and try to slowly give the meds again after about 20 minutes. While trying a second time to give her the Tylenol she began to vomit every where again. I had no idea her little tummy could hold so much! Back on the phone with the doctor and he agreed to let us monitor her for an hour and if she calmed down we could try again with the meds. It is still very crucial that Colbey Raye doesn’t miss any if her anti seizure medications. Thankfully she calmed down, took her medicines and is sound asleep, hopefully for the rest of the night! So very thankful she has calmed down, I would have been awfully sad to pack back up and head back to Seattle… Praying for a rest full first night back gone for miss Colbey Raye, and for josh and I as well.



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