Ups and downs, downs and up

Feeling a bit over whelmed with today’s events but still trying to keep a positive and hopeful outlook.
This morning started off looking pretty good, Colbey Raye’s swelling has gone down quite a bit and her eyes are both opening and no longer look purple! Her head is still swollen and uncomfortable but it is gradually getting better.
We were all up and starting our morning off with meds around 8, and Colbey Raye was ready to eat! She has slowly been eating better and better, not back to her typical schedule but getting close and she’s starting to let me know when she wants to eat lol. So I fed her while Josh went for coffee. Right after she finished eating it happened, blinking, shaking, sputtering, quivering… I know we have been told this could happen post op as a side affect from surgery, but given her past it is hard to just hope that is the cause and not worry they will continue to happen as they always have. I just stared at her. I think I had been half expecting to see a seizure but when it happened it didn’t feel real. She was having a seizure and I just froze, staring at her, it felt more like a dream. The worst of it lasted 2 and a half minutes but she continued to have facial/mouth twitching and foaming around the mouth for over 12 minutes. Praying it’s the first and the last we see but I am now back on high alert and keeping a closer eye on any suspicious movements. The ought the rest of the day Colbey Raye has been pretty upset, she having a hard time pooping and is very upset about this! She hardly ever cries but I think she has cried more today than she has the rest of her 8months put together, poor girl has been through so much I know she just wants to rest and feel back to her self.
Colbey Raye did smiled today! A few times :). She is still not her usual happy self but she had a few minutes full if smiles and she was even talking and playing. She was so upset we decided to give her a bath, she just loves the water, and as soon as her feet touched the water she was all sorts of happy!! Smiling, splashing, kicking and just full of joy, in those few minutes she seemed almost back to her go lucky happy self! But I made the mistake of trying to clean behind her ears and the happy moment was over :(. So We took her on a short walk around the unit, trying to see if it would help calm her down, and it did work a little! Colbey Raye calmly looked around and enjoyed looking at all the pretty people painted on the walls. Then we returned to our room and she let me snuggle her for a few minutes until she was ready to sleep. She is now sleeping peacefully!
Even with the events today we are still hoping to be discharged tomorrow as long as she doesn’t have any more seizures. We are missing Austyn Jayne terribly and cannot wait to be home with her again. Even though I know she hasn’t been missing us, to much fun playing with Auntie Lala and ice skating with Gama!


Keeping our spirits high and hopes up, trying to think positively and reminding ourselves that brain surgery is hard on a lite person and the seizure we saw today could just be a blip in the healing proses. Surgery can lower the seizure threshold and hopefully that’s all it is. Prayers for a happier and more comfortable day tomorrow for sweet miss Coco-be.


One thought on “Ups and downs, downs and up

  1. edslisa

    The picture is so darling, she’s beautiful. That seizure must have been torture but the bath looks like lots of fun for her. Sounds like an event filled day. We hope you get to go home tomorrow. We’re still praying every day.

    All the Curralls


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