As most of you know Colbey Raye underwent a very complex invasive brain surgery to remove areas of her brain that were severely affected by a disorder called Cortical Dysplasia. There were many areas of Dysplasia located throughout the left hemisphere and yesterday morning dr. Ojemann conducted a surgery to remove the most severely affected areas. He performed a lobectomy of the left temporal lobe and resected a little over half the left poreital lobe and a small area of the left frontal lobe leaving her with only about 2/3 of her left hemisphere. Doctor Ojemann is very optimistic that this surgery will truly help Colbey Raye achieve seizure freedom with the help of medication. He did not remove all the areas of her brain that are affected by the Dysplasia so he is pretty confident this surgery will not eliminate her seizure alone, she will still need medication to help but the hope is that she will need far less medication! If her seizures return and do not seem to be well controlled after this surgery then Dr. Ojemann will perform a full hemispherectomy removing the rest of Colbey Raye’s left hemisphere. We know this is a possibility but right now we are extremely hopeful this procedure will benefit Colbey Raye immensely! She did loose are fair amount of blood during the surgery and needed a transfusion. Because of the blood loss Dr. Ojemann took a smaller portion of the frontal lobe than he originally was planning but this choice has left her with a better chance of keeping her right side vision more intact.The side affects from the surgery are still unknown. There is a good chance her right side vision will be slightly impaired, but not fully. She is not looking toward her right at all yet, but with the type of procedure she had this is fairly common. Also she is showing a lot of right side facial weakness. This also could be a temporary side affect from the surgery but could also require some therapy to help her remember how to use her right side and help her regain her strength.
Her night went really well! She’s had a fever ranging from 103 to 100.2 and has been fluctuation up and down since about 6:30 yesterday evening. It’s down to 100.3 this morning so we are watching that. She has breast fed twice now and is latching great! The droopiness of her right upper lip has not caused any issues in her eating. We just stopped giving her IV fluids in hopes that she will want to nurse more, and to see if it will help the swelling go down. She is really swollen and puffy this morning but all in all is doing very well! We will be moving out of ICU sometime today. She is in a bit of pain, and doesn’t like to be moved around but is resting well and even giving us a few half smiles here and there. Thank you for the continued prayer and support. We are so blessed by this perfect little angel.


2 thoughts on “Morning after surgery

  1. Grace

    This makes my heart smile! She is such a wonderful little lady. Continued prayers for a rapid recovery, strength, and for a few of those angels to stick around. Give Colbey Raye a big kiss and hug for us. We love you guys!!!


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