Surgery is just around the corner

I know I have a lot I want to say, a lot to get out, but I’m having trouble finding the words.
Dr. Ojemann called last night to relay the results of Colbey Raye’s FMRI; it showed significant weakness on her right arm function compared to her left arm. This was not surprising as her right arm is noticeably much weaker compared to her left already. The motor area is close to the area of the brain that is needing to be resected but Doctor Ojemann believes he has a good chance of staying far enough away to not cause any more damage than what has already been done. Colbey Raye will most likely always have a weaker right side, but the intended surgery will not worsen the weakness, but it will hopefully stop the seizures enough so that no further damage is done to the right arm motor function. We have been informed that this surgery has a 30-40% chance to be affective, and the possibility that Colbey could need a second surgery is there, but doctor Ojemann feels this is a good first step, either it will help like we want or it will inform us that we need to take a more drastic measure to better help her. Quoting dr. Ojemann, “if I only was able to perform one single surgery on her then I would be inclined to remove the full left hemisphere, but because we have options I feel this partial hemispherectomy is the better choice for now, and if she needs a second surgery we will cross that bridge when it comes.” The possibility of needing a second surgery is there, but I trust our surgeon, and am hopeful this operation will help Colbey Raye achieve seizure freedom.
Father Jim came this morning and blessed Colbey Raye with the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, so many prayers and blessing have been shed upon Colbey Raye and our family during this time it is amazing.
Surgery is scheduled for 8:00am Monday morning and We’ve been told to arrive at Seattle Children’s by 6:45am. It’s going to be an emotion filled day, crazy and exhausting. But we are trying to be prepared. Colbey Raye will be in ICU the first night and then will be kept in the hospital 4-7 days post op. Hoping and praying for a smooth and strong recovery.
I’ve been asked a lot in the last few days how I’m doing, how am I holding up, how is this all affecting me etc… And I reply with “I’m good, I’m okay.” As the days pass by and surgery becomes closer and closer my level of “okay” might slowly be getting lower, but really today I am good, I am okay. Tomorrow I may feel less okay, and I know come Monday morning when they take my sweet, precious Colbey Raye from my arms and carry her towards surgery reality will finally set in and I will begging to fantasize about what is being done behind those doors, but I will still be okay. I may break down, I may cry, I may worry and be scared, but I will still be okay for I know God is sending a fleet of angels to hold my baby while I cannot, and he will be guiding the surgeon and watching over their every move. Faith and prayer are powerful, we are
blessed by both! Thank you for the continued prayers and support, we all truly appreciate them all.



4 thoughts on “Surgery is just around the corner

  1. Shirley Nielsen

    May The Lord be ever close to each of you and the entire medical team. Keep the faith. Prayer is a wonderful gift we have, so know many prayers are being sent on your behalf. God’s blessings to all.

  2. Marilyn Hair

    We are praying for all of you, for the surgeon, and for Colbey Raye. If you need anything at all while you’re at Children’s, please call! My cell is 425 890-7153. Sarah’s 425 890-7150


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