It’s a Date!

An end in sight?! Is it possible?! We set a date for surgery and I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders! I know it’s a crazy way to feel, surgery is huge, scary, emotional, and not a guarantee, but after seeing you baby go through all that Colbey Raye has, surgery feels like a easier task to tackle. At least that’s how I am feeling right now!
December 30th is the surgery date! Only 3 weeks away, and because of all the holiday perpetrations I know they will fly by. Dr. Ojemann said to expect at least a 4 night stay after surgery but that will also depend on Colbey Raye and how well she does with and after the surgery. We still have a few things to finish up for her pre op, those will all be done on December 23rd. The plan is still to do a partial hemispherectomy, removing the whole temporal lobe, most/possibly all the porietal lobe, and some of the frontal lobe, I am not sure about the optical lobe but I think that is being removed as well, I need to ask about that, it wasn’t mentioned at our last appointment. The goal is to try to save the areas that look to be unaffected right know in hopes to save her vision from being affected and also her fine motor skills on the right side.
We are very hopeful this surgery will help with her seizure control, I know there are no guarantees for seizure freedom but it is a possibility and there is a hope that it will help at least better control them if not completely end them. If the seizures return then the surgery could be considered a failure and then a second operation to remove the remainder of the left hemisphere can take place. We really hope this won’t happen but it is something we have to be prepared and ready for. Taking this one step at a time!
Colbey Raye still has not had any seizures in a week now, I’m starting to get a little to comfortable with this and am able to take an eye off Colbey Raye here and there. She has been acting a little suspicions the last 2 days, a lot of staining, confused looks and twitching, so I’m trying to pay closer attention again. It could be nothing but with her history we are on high alert. Colbey’s neurologist wants us to take a video of the staring and twitching so we can send them to her so she can see what she thinks about it.
Praying for a hospital free and seizure free holiday season! With surgery to follow. Thank you all for your prayers, we are so blessed and thankful for all the support right now.



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