So much to be thankful for

In spite of all the heart aches, heart breaks, stress, confusion and worry, this year has brought our family so many true blessings. We were blessed with the birth of our amazingly sweet, happy, snuggle filled Colbey Raye! She has touched so many peoples lives already and I know she will continue to bless many more! No matter the pain she is suffering, the exhaustion she faces from seizing so often, the side affects from medications or the pricks and pokes she receives she can hold a smile through it all! What a true fighter she is. Nothing can cast a shadow over her true happiness, I wish we could all have such a strong happy personality through tough times as she does.
I am so thankful for our strong willed, independent, smart Austyn Jayne! She can be such a hoot, and is polite and caring. She’s so kind to her baby sister, it is the sweetest thing. I love her so so much, even when she’s acting like a 2 year old 😉!
I am so thankful for all of the support and help we have received from our family and friends! From prayer to driving to Seattle to keep me company to watching Austyn Jayne, we truly have been blessed by such a wonderful support system.
I am thankful for all or the doctors involved in our life. The time and talent they each provide have given us hope for a bright future for Colbey Raye. I respect each and every one of them, and know they have my sweet girls best interest at heart. We are so lucky to live close to such an amazing Children’s hospital. Our blessings this year are abundant and no matter the hardships we are facing right now I can truly say this is a happy thanksgiving full of love, joy and an abundance of blessings.
Happy thanks giving to all!


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