I just left Colbey Raye in imaging for her PET and MRI. I stayed until she was asleep from the anesthesia, it only took a few seconds for her face to go from smiling to looking lifeless. It was a lot harder for me to see her like that than I thought it would be. She’s always so full of life, with her pink chubby cheeks and smiling even when she’s asleep, I’ve never seen her so out of it, it was a little heart breaking. But I know it’s for good reason! We are finally getting the tests we have wanted for some time, and I am relieved it’s happening now. I’m going to take advantage of the groggy girl when she is up and just rock that chunky bundle of joy! She’s going to get an abundance of kisses, snuggles and loves from this momma as soon as she opens those eyes. Right now I just get to wait, have some coffee (finally), stretch my legs and think.
Another good note, we may be able to come home tomorrow if Colbey Raye’s night and morning go well. Praying this is the case so we can have a wonderful thanksgiving at home with family! We truly do have so much to be thankful for this year, and a holiday at home would be appreciated!


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