Back in the hospital

After a long day Colbey Raye is back at Seattle children’s hospital tonight. We are settled into our room and after 4 back to back seizures she is finally sleeping soundly. It is nice to have her hooked up to the pulse-ox so I can see how far she is desating and am able to give her oxygen right away! I had really hoped we would be able to stay home until December but with the way things have been going lately I half expected to be up here today. They are checking her levels and seeing what we can do in regards to medication changes. Colbey Raye’s epileptologist is more willing to change the medications if she is hospitalized so she can be monitored during the switch. I will know more about that tomorrow. In the morning Colbey is getting another VEEG and I am really hoping we can schedule the PET and MRI to take place while we are in the hospital so we won’t have to wait until December! That is Dr. Ko’s goal as well, so it is very likely to happen. Fingers crossed. We are in a nice big private room too! It’s a room with a camera so that our nurse can watch Colbey Raye while I sleep and hopefully be able to catch the seizures before Colbey desats. Between the pulse-ox and camera I am hoping to have a restful night! More updates to come, thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers.


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