Austyn Jayne

I just want to take a moment to talk about Austyn Jayne. She is such a character and I do have to say 2 is a crazy age! I wouldn’t call it terrible but challenging, crazy and a bit hilarious better describe our 2 year old. She is a bit of a mommas girl and always has been, she can be very friendly but she can also be standoffish and scowly towards strangers and family/friends, it just depends on her mood that day! Lately she has been overly friendly when we are out and about, she will chat your ear off, literally she never stops talking, unless the TV is on. The last week or so Austyn Jayne has been very conscious of Colbey Raye’s seizures, and tries to help, it is so sweet. The other day I told Austyn Jayne I was going to use the bathroom and she ran over to Colbey Raye sat down and said, “I keep eye on Colbey Raye for you.” Gosh I love her! Now if Colbey Raye is left alone for even a second Austyn Jayne is right by her side yelling “I watching Colbey Raye mom!” I have 3 sisters and love them all! But I have never met a child more in love with their sibling than Austyn Jayne is in love with Colbey Raye. She is never jealous of the attention Colbey gets, she is very protective and gets upset if she thinks anyone is teasing or laughing at Colbey Raye. My sister was laughing WITH Colbey Raye once and Austyn Jayne pushed her saying “no you laugh my Colbey Raye!” She even will share her blanky, her prized position, with her sister! When we first brought Colbey Raye home Austyn Jayne cried if anyone but Josh or I would pick Colbey up, I think she was worried they might take her! Austyn always referred to her as “my Colbey Raye” and she let you know it too! A fun fact, Austyn Jayne picked the name Colbey. We had a different name picked out but Austyn Jayne would not say it, all she would say was Coco-be, so when Colbey Raye came out a girl Josh respected Austyn Jayne wishes and good thing because I’m pretty sure Austyn would have called her Coco-be regardless of what we named her! Austyn Jayne has become a TV junky, it drives my crazy but some days it is a life saver! She has zero patience, and wants to do every thing by herself. She screams and through fits like any 2 year old but I have to say I’m so proud of her! Don’t push her buttons and she will be so good. She listens and behaves amazingly out in public, her behavior is worse around people she knows well than around strangers. She’s so grown up for 2, and I’m so so proud of her!! I love my Little Lady, and Colbey Raye adores her big sister too!



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