Nov. 3rd

Today has been a good day for Colbey Raye and we were able to come home from Seattle Children’s this afternoon. She is still having seizures but we are comfortable having her home until we get her tests scheduled and medications leveled out. Colbey Raye is so happy to be home with mommy, daddy, and sister, she just would not stop smiling and jabbering away, about who knows what, to Her big sister.

It is always nice to come home and see my sweet family, but there is always far to much to do! It would be so lovely if every time we went to the hospital life at he would pause and I could just pick right back up where I left off but that never seems to be the case. Some how the laundry pile has grown, and the dust is thicker. The weekend ran away from me, real life is back! Here we go :).


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