EEG results

Yesterday Colbey Raye was supposed to be hooked up to the VEEG for 24 hours, but within 5 hours the VEEG had recorded enough seizure activity and was cut short so we could start adjusting medications. Spikes if seizure activity and three complex partial seizures were captured on the EEG, all originating from the left Parietal lobe. This is good news because all of the seizure activity is coming from the same area where Colbey Raye’s Cortical Dysplasia is located.
Last night we began a low dose of the new medication, Oxcarbazepine, and lowered her dose of Keppra. Over the next 15 days we will be slowly lowering the Keppra and raising the Oxcarbazepine. Dr. Ferri is hoping this switch in medication will help give Colbey Raye a period of seizure freedom long enough to get the PET and MRI done. Once all these tests are completed, the group of doctors involved will decide what the next step will be.
Colbey Raye’s day went okay. She’s had 9 seizures and her oxygen levels are still dropping pretty low, but they are not staying low for very long. She had a cluster of seizures this afternoon so we gave her a bolus of Phenobarbital to help slow the cluster. She was awake a bit more today than she has been so I’m hoping she has a restful night. She’s sleeping now and I’m assuming having a good dream because she keeps giving sweet little smiles. She is such a sweet strong girl. Love her so much.


One thought on “EEG results

  1. Grace Lemon

    We love you Colbey Rate. You are such a precious gift and your strength is such a inspiration. We will continue to pray for healing, answers, and seizure freedom.


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